Actual Window Rollup

Actual Window Rollup 5.0

Roll-up all your open windows like blinds


  • Reduces RAM usage
  • Keeps your screen clean


  • Not necessary if you use tabs
  • Can clutter screen with too many title screens

Not bad

Actual Window Rollup is a small but powerful utility which simply adds an extra Roll Up title button to each and every window's title bar so that you can roll any window up/down in a single mouse click. Once minimised, your windows are no more than just the title bar which you see at the very top of your browser. If you use tabs regularly, then you won't really need this. However, if you have to use multiple windows, then it's a real bonus.

No longer will you suffer from your RAM getting overloaded or the confusion of having too many windows open. You simply double click on the title bar you want to expand and it fills your screen instantly. This definitely improves your productivity although you then have to deal with the problem of too many title bars! The difference is, they're a lot easier and more discreet to deal with than loads of windows. One extra nice touch is that you can customize the transition effects from a simple snap to a more gentle fade.

Actual Window Rollup enables you to roll-up all those open Windows so you've got nothing but the title bar showing.

It's perfect if you're one of those people that doesn't like tabs but works with many different Windows at the same time. It saves you time, space and RAM.

Actual Window Rollup


Actual Window Rollup 5.0

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